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Yili horse

Yili horse

Country Of Origin China
History and Background The Yili is a small horse from the north-western Xinjiang region of China.
Yili horses originated around 1900 from Russian breeds crossed with Mongolian stock. Don, and Don-Thoroughbred crosses as well as Orlov Trotters were used from 1936 on to improve the native horses. In 1963 the decision was made to aim for a draft-type horse.
Use Today Yili horses are used for riding and driving, and also bred for their meat and milk.
Height 14 hands high (56 inches)
Colour Bay, Black, Chestnut, Grey
Characteristics They are compact in conformation with a light head and straight profile. The withers are well pronounced and the back is short and strong, though the loin is long. The legs are clean.
Personality and Temperament Honest and true
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