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Welcome to Petmapz, the new generation of social media networking for pet lovers everywhere. This interactive community allows you to locate and add anything pet-related and to review products and services as you go!  

Create your personal profile and tell us about your pet(s)!  Share videos and stories about how pets have enriched your lives and share interesting facts and trivia with the rest of the pet loving world!  

Petmapz offers community classifieds and a free community events calendar keeping you informed! Share any upcoming event and we will list it for you!

Petmapz values socially responsible relationships with all pets. When looking for a new companion, we encourage you to make adoption your first option. When looking for a pet breeder, we encourage you to research common hereditary problems and to know what questions to ask your breeder about screening of their lines.  

We listen to all of your reviews.  Petmapz encourages users to provide feedback so that we can continue to offer what you are looking for. Review all services and products so that you can help the next person make a more informed decision! Please help us monitor for puppy mill trafficking of pets. Any suspect behavior will be reported to local authorities.

Petmapz encourages financially responsible relationships with pets.  Did you know that pet insurance is available for your loved ones?  This provides peace of mind in the case of unforeseen emergencies. Petmapz values the relationship you have with your veterinarian.  Every pet deserves the benefit of an annual physical examination by a licensed veterinarian who can guide you on how to optimize the health of your pet and to prevent against certain diseases and mishaps.

Petmapz offers businesses targeted marketing like none other. Your premium listing will include customized set-up of your contact information, a map directing consumers to your location, user comments and reviews, pictures and logos of your choice, and links to your website, Facebook, Yelp, Google+ and Vetratingz pages.

Dr. Katz Piller CEO

katzDr. Katz Piller has been a licensed veterinarian since 1999 and has been the owner of Clayburn Pet Hospital in Abbotsford, BC since May 1, 2007.  Dr. Katz practices with empathy and compassion for the welfare of well-being of all her pet families and has been recognized for Business Excellence by the Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce.  She is consistently voted as one of the top three veterinarians in Abbotsford by the readers of The Abbotsford News.  

Dr. Katz strives to expand her influence by helping pets and their people globally.  She invested in the concept of petmapz as a veterinary-approved, reviewable pet resource and pet community in 2014 and was integral to the incorporation of Petmapz Marketing Inc. in 2015.  She envisions “petmapz” as a household name that people can trust.

Petmapz serves businesses in the pet industry as the solution for targeted marketing of their products and services.

Dr. Katz contributes her thoughts and opinions through her blog on petmapz.com and will be spearheading the “Ask The Vet” corner on our website.

For questions regarding premium listings or advertising, use the form at the bottom of this page.

Jared Williams COO

jaredpetmapzJared Drew Williams was born in Thousand Oaks, California. and was raised on a working ranch. He worked for his renowned businessman grandfather from the age of 16 and was groomed to be an entrepreneur from the start. Jared was in 4-H corps for 8 years and was a 2 X champion member. He was accepted into Moorpark college at  17 while still attending high school and he started his first business shortly after graduating at 18. After studying business at Santa Monica College, Jared dropped out of college to pursue his ambitions in the booming mortgage finance industry. He was fast-tracked through 6 promotions from Receptionist to Senior Wholesale Account Executive at Impac Lending Group within one year.   He set a new Company record as the youngest AE to be awarded the coveted Top Producer of the Year Star when he was 21 years old. After the fall of the wholesale mortgage industry, Jared decided to move into a more secure industry. It was then that he and a partner founded Quotewarzinsurance.com, an on-line car insurance quoting engine, at the age of 25. Over the last 7 years in Canada Jared has worked in PR & Communications for craft beer imports,. He has mastered business development in the marketing space, had a brief stint as a travel agent, and has also consulted in brand development for companies including Smart Car, TD Bank, Credit Unions of BC, Stoli Vodka, Captain Morgan, Twinings tea, Hawaii, and LG. Jared founded the Vancouver Business Club meetup group in June 2012 with hundreds of members and ALL 5 star reviews. He has attended over 200 seminars, workshops, and presentations. He volunteers and raises funds for Parkinson Society BC and the Rare Disease Foundation. He is a member of the LOUD LGBT business association and holds both Canadian Permanent Residency and American Citizenship. Jared obtained his B.C Insurance License in 2015 and founded vancouver insurance broker, while providing consultation services in social media and ppc/seo/google adwords.  His biggest success that year was the generation of  257,000 views and over 100K in revenue for client creative thousand oaks  Jared joined Petmapz in 2016 and is poised to guide operations to International expansion.  Ultimately, he will figure out which craft beer will be served at the offices of petmapz.com!

Chris Friel CTO

chris friel

Chris Friel graduated in Electronics from the University of Liverpool and has worked in the Telecommunications industry ever since. For the past 30 years, he has worked in mobile communications involved in the development of all generations of cellular radio systems. Throughout his career, Chris has gained experience in many areas including electronic switching systems, microprocessor programming, radio systems, billing systems, project planning and financial accounting. Chris has been most recently involved in the development of the 5G (5TH Generation) cellular system that will be deployed beyond 2020 to provide extremely high speed data communications and will be capable of connecting many billions of devices to the internet. Chris’s main expertise is in the specification of technical and operational requirements for mobile communications systems. He has also acquired a large network of contacts in the telecommunications industry. Chris joined Petmapz in 2016 and  is dedicated to the research and development of an integrated pet tracking device that will  function intimately with the petmapz app.

Should you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us using the form below

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