McKay Creek Trail

Date:April 23, 2015 7:34 PM


McKay Creek Trail itself is only about 1.8 km in length. However, it joins up with the Sumas Dyke Trail (Trans Canada Trail) and continues on to the McDonald Park for a distance of 7.2 km. and can be done in approximately an hour and a half. On a nice day, taking a back pack with some lunch and a drink will offer a perfect opportunity to stop at one of the many benches along the way and take some time to admire the countryside around the trail.

Passing through the agricultural heartland of Abbotsford, hikers will take in the acres of blueberry and raspberry fields as well as the many dairy farms. The banks of the Sumas River offer spectacular opportunities to bird watch. I also love to take pictures of the trail as the seasons change and offer such different views of the beauty that surrounds it.

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